Hello Atomic Fiction Team, 
   I hope all is well for you, and that the new year has you full of energy to get some good work done! I spoke with Genevieve and Laurent back in mid-October via Skype, where you informed me a bit about some of Atomic Fiction's recent moves: the team is expanding to Montreal and that some projects will be going into high-gear, early this year. After following-up with Lorna, she advised me that January would be a good time to get back in touch. 
   I took the topics that we discussed into consideration and have continued to do my own work these past few months. Just to jog your memory about myself and my interests, I love drawing and developing new ideas, normally human-based characters and varying creatures are always fun, since they are not as specific and defined as a person. Since we last spoke, I have updated my portfolio with quite a few new pictures, aiming to showcase my favorite subject-matter and versatility. Other than the visual art, to show my dedication and love for the work, I have frequently written about what I am currently focusing on and what I plan to achieve in the future, which can be seen in the Discussion section of my site. 


Here are a few examples of my favorite pieces of work:

Couple Snowflakes

These two young characters are semi-realistic, but have a bit of a fantastical feel to them, with the giant snowflakes. This makes them quite malleable, interesting, and able to fit into many stories and worlds.


I also like testing personification, this one being a humanoid pig. And honestly, it is a bit inspired from the Pigman episode of Seinfeld.

Cherry Monkey

With this design, I decided to combine two different elements: a fruit and an animal - a cherry and a monkey. The red spots make the creature look cute and family-friendly, while still aiding in fitting in to its environment.

Only Battle Kings

I love action movies, so this is screenshot from a movie that I imagined existed, that would pit Tarzan and King Kong in a battle to see who is the new king!

(click pictures for full view)

   I understand that I may not be the most desirable member for your team, as my skill is somewhat specialized and I am not a fluent user with a large variety of programs, but if you are ever needing to outsource some of your work or are looking for more creative people in any way, I hope that you will consider me when you are making your selections. If you would like to pursue any further discussion, just let me know and I will make time for that! All aside, I have really enjoyed the projects that Atomic Fiction has worked on, and I hope we will continue to succeed and prosper. Have a nice day. 

Thank you,

Denzel A Jackson