Coffee and Teams

I love coffee, but something rather unfortunate happened recently:

I lost a member of Team denz, this is Marylin and I accidentally knocked her over and created a crack. Sometimes teams separate, it can be because the team has completed its goal and no longer needs to be in alliance, or for disagreements. Regardless, hopefully the members can remain friends.

As for me, I really enjoy teamwork. It seems strange, but sometimes completing  big accomplishments and receiving praise as a team feels better than doing it all solo. I'm not on any art-related team right now but I am, so very much, looking forward to it in the future. Stuck in a studio with a group of artists and a goal...sounds fantastic. Until then, I will remain in my dungeon, continuing the pursuit.

I am aware that, in my time, I'll be part of numerous teams but, right now, the one I am most excited about is the one in which I will commence my giant library of cutting-edge animation.

New Introduction: This is Miss Smith, replacing Marylin.

Have a good day!