The Style of Greatness

I use to want to draw like everyone else. It seems silly but I would get that urge quite often. It was uncontrollable and I just didn't act on it, because the only thing I can do properly is be me. Coincidentally, artists discover similar techniques and methods which may look similar, but each person has a lovely interpretation and understanding of things. And when reality enters our thoughts and comes back out in a medium, the world gets more colorful. We can all add to our home's wonder. That is why I believe staying true to yourself is important.

As for abilities of different styles, I found that different methods of rendering can sway the subject towards a certain feel. For example: it would be difficult to draw figures with thick and black lineart and maintain a regal and sophisticated result. On the other hand, it may not be practical to render cover-quality work for the small panels of a graphic novel. What do you think of style limitations?

I'll write again: each person can add their personal value to the world and make it more beautiful. Maybe one of us will stumble upon something wild and become the setter of a fresh style! One of my favorite artists is Jace Wallace ( or, he draws the female form so well, it is crazy. But even if someone put all their effort into making their work look like his, if people want Jace Wallace, they will look for Jace Wallace, not the imitation version. 

From time to time, I still see another person's work and think to myself, "Damn, that distinct style is really cool and easily recognizable as his/her own." But I will my feelings to change, instead of envy and longing, I get excited looking forward to how unique my own style will be since I will not imitate anyone else. 

Don't pretend to be something you're not, just be who you are, that's what's really cool. - David Starsky

Have a good day!