deviantArt Interview

Check it: I was included in a collection of interviews with artists over on deviantArt:


Today interview with DenzelAJackson from USA, at dA: 4 years.

1 Which type of art are You creating ?
DenzelAJackson- Visual art, to describe it in short, it is a mix of Expression and Fantasy. Words are easy to speak and easy to come by, but not many people have an extra voice to express ideas and thoughts, so I take advantage of the skill that I have attained to speak louder than I once did. The fantasy comes from my imagination, I like to play with things that are already in reality and tweak them so that they become unique and a new experience.

2 Why this kind of art ?
DenzelAJackson- When I was a kid, I was constantly frustrated that people didn't take things that I said seriously. Even simple ideas, such as "Wouldn't it be cool to see fantastic drawings on magazine covers, rather than photographs so much?" With this, I decided to actually create my ideas, rather than just talk about them. With that attitude, I have seen some very cool things come to fruition.

3 When did You started create Your art? 
DenzelAJackson- I have always been creating things since I was a boy, especially since my mother is creative and had tools around our home. She showed me how to make small toys out of wood, and just let me make them how I wanted. With my sister and father playing music often, and my brother drawing, I was in a generally creative atmosphere. I explored different avenues, but as a late teenager I set my first sights on visual art.

4 What kind of art do You like to watch the most?
DenzelAJackson- I love art that is unique and shows the creators honest personality. If an artist lives in an urban setting, the urban work they produce can look very cool because it is from a genuine experience, while someone who travels in rural areas can make quite interesting landscapes. Other than personality, I admire original creations too, we have minds and it is wasteful to not explore and use them!

 5 What is Your inspiration?
DenzelAJackson- All of my life experiences inspire me to make the most impactful creations possible, I have a large family and a long list of events that made me into the young man I am today. Outside of personal experience, I get inspired the most by music. I love the emotional adventure that music creators capture. I know how visual art is made, and since I have not studied the background work to creating music, all of the magic is still there for me.