The Dungeon

I see the creative space as a plain where ideas are brought to life. These ideas may be a great painting, carving a stellar physique, recording a fantastic song, studying to act a character role, improving/refining the process of any operation, or simply documenting thoughts. With that, the creative space is not always tangible, but a state of mind where we can explore and discover something further than originally started. Since this focus is so important and easy to be broken it has to be protected, because when the vision is finally fulfilled, it is beneficial not only to the creator, but to everyone that it is shared with. Inspiration and high-level passion is contagious, after you get infected, direct it towards your goals. It is your fuel and the light that will illuminate the path to success.

Therefore, any physical place can be your special area, a gym is just a big room with equipment in it, but when you bring in that positive energy, it turns into a sanctuary where you can continually become a better version of yourself. This goes for nearly any setting, bedrooms, garages, backyards, playing fields, recording/art studios, these are all places where people take control and have made big things happen. We have the power and potential to turn any normal area into a prosperous creative space. Peace.