Jaaz 10K

This is an important picture to me, because I have thought about how it would look for quite a long time. There is some belief in the idea that, with active and focused practice, a person can become an expert of the respective skill or craft in 10,000 hours. I learned about this theory about two years ago and was wondering how I would be drawing after that time. I have finally done the 10K and it has lead me to think the idea has some credence, although, I think it may be a bit short. With people's life spans increasing and so many tools constantly being changed and/or improved, it is difficult to set a time right now, but I think it may be around the 15-20K mark. Regardless of all that, I find it respectful that anyone puts in their max effort, whatever their skill level may be. I love being in the work and being around anyone else who shares high enthusiasm. Thank you to everyone who has been kind to me, with helpful advice and criticism. Yee!