We Need Each Other!

Yes, artistic companionship is something that almost all of us need! To become rejects together and to excel together. Like a second family, taking the blows in learning doesn't feel as bad when we have our fellow artists around and celebrating accomplishments feels way better when we get to share it with others! Sometimes when I go for too long without spending time with other artists, it feels like I am isolated. I know others feel this same thing too so let's keep each others' spirits up!

Secondly, about the team aspect of community. I believe the best projects are made from teams. NOT solo production. I don't see one person being able to outperform a team, unless sleep is not needed. And even then, no. I love seeing creators come together and making big things happen! It gets me really hyped up. So to everyone, let's look out for each other and keep up the good work!