The Momentum of Fire

Work like fire. Fire engulfs that which can be burned and Optimists engulf opportunities that can be gained from.

As fire grows larger, it moves much faster and can overtake obstacles with increasing ease, the same thing can happen when your work flow has become really strong and consistent. This is not accidental though, it takes focus and concentration. It is not easy to wake up everyday and maintain a singular vision in mind, while having to overlook short-term luxuries, but after enough time, it will become easier and not a problem to eliminate whatever is presenting a distraction. Doing things such as playing video games, watching shows, and drinking often is the same as pouring water on your fire. If the flames are roaring in colossal proportion, then a little drizzle of water won't be a problem, but both cannot have comparable quantities. Celebrate only when there is something to be celebrated. Build up the work momentum and watch the opposition burn!