Do not let opportunities pass by. Something positive can be pulled from every situation, and we should make an effort to bring those forward. Many fantastic stories have events that could not have been predicted, or much anticipated, but they took place because someone was open to opportune moments and was in pursuit of them.

One thing that should be taken into consideration for setting yourself up for potential opportunities is to have concrete to stand on. Example: if you anticipate listening to an idol speak, it would be a smart decision to have some note-taking material so you can document that which is spoken. Another concrete foundation would be to set up a nice presentation of yourself so that people will know what it is you're about, that may be setting up a page on WordPress or Blogger, which are both free and a good place to start an online presence. Once a good base is in place, the next step may be to throw some hooks out to see if anyone nibbles. Make contact with whoever the target is. Perhaps that will be sending an email or stopping by someone's office to make a formal introduction. If you don't make yourself visible, then people will be unaware of you. Imagine what good can come from the situation and imagine what bad can come from it. Upside, a life-long friend is a possibility, and the down-side is just a flat no. What is wrong with a big NO? Just accept the rejection respectfully, and move along. The highs outweigh the lows exponentially. The third trait that I think is very important is to be bold and confident. A beaten path is easy to stroll on, but it is mediocre. The unblazed trail is uncomfortable, but the treasures are undiscovered and waiting for someone great to find them.

What things can happen to those who remain stagnant? Immediately, not being proactive will keep a person in the wrong place...at all times. That is a failure already, and not a good one, unless it puts them in gear. In this mindset, everything is opposite to the previous. If you don't make it happen, then someone else will, and if you both make it happen, then you can rejoice together. Do not let the ILLUSION of EXCUSES become something to lean on, just because you don't want to get a little dirty and take a risk.

Overall, keep your eyes open to see what can be done and what can be experienced. Don't see a door as leaving a comfortable place, see the door as an entrance to something new and glorious.