Achievement Unlocked I

After being supported by my family for long enough, it has finally come to point where I can give right back! Of course it takes time, but due to some recent work, I was able to take my family out for some excellent food. Hard work pays big and one of the best rewards is to be able to better my life and the lives of everyone around me. Henceforth, I create art as a profession and will never forget those who helped me get up.

My family has had to put up with some sacrifices of mine, I don't spend as much time with them as I can, but that makes me work harder. Often times, they have done fun things like go to a movie theater or eat with relatives, while I stay at my desk. While I know this may hurt their feelings, I know how much more I can do for them as I get this ball rolling. One day, I will fly them out to wherever I live and we'll enjoy a meal together again.

Me and my sister.

My parents, loving it!

To all my friends who support and give praise, I hope one day we can all get together and celebrate too. Let's keep up to forward momentum so that we can have a gang of things to commemorate!