You Stung, We Have A Problem

This may comes as a shock to you, but I think that our art community has been lacking heart. There is so much artwork that looks excellent and is fantastic with technique, but not having much emotion. It makes sense to take into consideration all the technical apects of that which is being created, but if you focus only on the aesthetic element of a picture, then it is nothing more than a visually pleasing picture. Artwork changes from good and nice to great and majestic when it moves your heart. Emotional response is the most important element of art.

I understand that if you are hired to draw something specific, then of course, draw that which is required, but I am referring to personal work. A collection of fan art may boost online numbers, but that is just borrowing a fan base from someone who spoke with the passion to make their work enter the realm of greatness. In my opinion, there are loads of art, that has shallow meaning and is treated that way by the creator. If you refer to your own work as crap or bad, why put it out? If an aesthetically superior piece is presented with a mopey and discouraging attitude, it's not good, but if someone who is brand new to creating art and they pour their passion and love into it, then that is amongst the best. If you follow your heart, you will never fail.

If you care for the community, don't create something that even you define as junk and fill our collective gallery with it. If you care for the community and agree with this, please pass the idea and encouragement around.