It's Supposed To Be Uncomfortable

The road to massive success is ridden with puzzles that need to be solved, obstacles that need to be overtaken, cracks that need to be tripped on, battles that need to be fought, dedication that is to be tested, and a long story that needs to be written. If the journey was as simple as a stroll through Central Park, then everyone would ease through it.

Not only is it difficult, but this path is also uncertain. There is a possibility that I will continue to work as I have been and never receive any work or due recognition. Regardless, I feel my love and believe that all of it will pay off. It may take many more years, or maybe it will happen later tonight, authentic dedication will beat that test.

This is what I keep in mind when my friends and peers are playing games, going out to have fun, and I am knocking out all the hours that need to be. The discomfort is a sign that growth and advancements are being achieved!