Character Design

I have been exploring two aspects of visual art recently: character design and simplicity. The two match together quite well, because it is important to have something easily recognizable and memorable in good designs. A really normal element of design is to put emphasis on shapes, it can provide the character with a certain feel, such as big curves and circular shapes may portray soft- and gentleness, while a rigid shape with multiple sharp edges wouldn't feel nearly as comforting.

Here are three characters that I made recently. You know that I love to take the time to detail, but I was experimenting with a simpler way of getting the information across.

I have been trying out character/creature design for quite some time now, just to see how much I like it. I have loads of fun coming up with the ideas and bringing them to life. A few times I have worked with friends, just having fun and creating characters with small back stories, that is such a cool and fun way to find new ideas. Everytime, I created some stuff that I probably wouldn't have on my own. I like working with others, testing each other and pushing to reach new heights, maybe that will be happening again soon! Overall, I'm going further into character design and will be making some fantastic characters, if anyone has advice or some design ideas to discuss, I would love to hear them. Keep it up people.