Only Battle Kings

I have always favored the position of the underdog, I feel comfortable in it. Not just in real life, but in stories too, David from David and Goliath, the small team that survives the zombie apocalypse, or the 23 year old creator that presses. Of my four siblings, I am the youngest, I had the lowest grades of my entire high school class, and I am broke.

These are the reasons why facing opposition is normal for me. The few times that I have been in the winner's seat made me feel unsettled, as if I am at a certain plateau and starting to remain stationery. For that reason, I love being in the position of the underdog, it provides me with never-ending motivation and something to move forward to.

Once a certain level is reached, you can become satisfied, and start chilling, or you can look for the next hurdle to jump. Life will always present you with challenges, so why not decide what they will be, and have them better your life?

Keep your eyes peeled for the best opponent and enjoy it:  Only Battle Kings

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