Today is a wonderful day. A dream that I have had for a very long time was to attain a Daily Deviation on deviantArt, and it has finally happened! It makes me very happy every time a dream meets reality(Which reminds me, I will be a Senior Member one day too.) Many of my friends have encouraged me along the way and helped me improve, which I am grateful for, thank you.

Undead Again (click for full view)

I was going to tell you all today that I had some really cool news, that is unrelated to this DD though! I have recently joined a project and due to maintaining its silence until it is complete and released, I will not say anything more about it, except that it is on par with receiving a DD. So, today has two big pluses for me, which have arrived with really good timing too. Yesterday, I was feeling the lows of going through it. Therefore, these recent events reminded me about the popular idea of dawn coming right after the darkest hour. Coincidental and reassuring, I wanted to share that with you all.

To all my friends that I have already known, let's keep it up. To the new people that have just saw my work for the first time, I look forward to meeting you!