Mind of denz

There are many things on my mind. Making my family proud and being able to provide for them. Risking all of the work and not socializing with those that I used to be around. Finding my new crowd, where I can speak my ideas aloud, and they won't ask questions such as "Denzel, why is every idea you have crazy?" as if it is a bad thing. I like to make declarations such as me having the honor of working on a blockbuster in the future, I know that there is a chance that it will not happen, but if I have a loser's attitude and come to that decision right now, then it Definitely will not. Working these smaller gigs and creating good pictures are the footsteps to something bigger. Crawling and falling on my face feels much better than trying to sprint out of the gate and getting road rash. So brush off the haters and keep moving forward!

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I could have let the dream-killers kill my self-esteem, or use my arrogance as the steam that powers my dreams. - Kanye West