Honestly, Guyz

I was talking with a friend of mine, and we were discussing how artists view themselves, and the way that we thought more people should. Some artists say things such as "This isn't my best work, but..." or "My anatomy knowledge is decent, I'm still working on it, but..." While these statements aren't awful, perhaps it is just better to say that you are good at something or you are not. With this, I think it helps you move along, without having to dwell on half-ass realizations. If you are good at something, it is excellent to really utilize your strength and be up front about it, and if you are bad at something, it is excellent to be up front about it too, the second that you realize what is your weakness, that is the same second that you can start attacking it and move forward. If you cannot draw a figure, don't cower behind a photograph, paint on it for 5 minutes, and tell us it is a painting. Keep moving forward!

My honesty: I can bring to life really cool and fun characters, but my skill and experience with landscape work is below average.

What is yours? Let us all know, so we can move forward together!