The Power of Rivalry

I was having a conversation with one of my brothers about Rivalry. We were discussing and realizing the power of it, how rivalry can push people to great heights. I was telling him about people who I thought were my rivals in the past and how it made me feel like always stepping-up my progress. To prove the point further, we brought up some concrete examples, what we think are perfect reference:

Bill Gates & Steve Jobs in the world of computers, Michelangelo & Leonardo DaVinci in art, Star Wars & Star Trek to please the imagination of those who love space, and even in fictional stories, Goku & Vegeta, to be the most powerful warrior. This next one may not seem like an easy-going rivalry, but many great stories have been based around Good & Evil, which has propelled both sides forward.

Positivity is the only thing that I promote, even in a relationship of rivalry, I don't agree that you should put another down, but only put yourself up. If two people have respect for each other, it would be fantastic is they can see the other as a Foot. One will take a step ahead of the other, and it will happen back and forth, both sides working independently, but in the same direction, in harmony.