Teams Work

I LOVE working with a team, and I believe that the best creations are made in a collaborative effort. If each part of a team is the best at what it does, then when every piece is assembled, there will be no areas where the finished product is lacking. A-Players are the only ones who are responsible for this high-level work, and A-Players love A-Players. Even if a person is not the most skilled in their craft, if the dedication level is up, then they are already, or on the way, to being Great!

Finding the right people is just as difficult as finding a best friend. We have to be able to handle ideas in a way that they can keep bouncing off of each member, getting better each time. The "creative family" is such a magnificent relationship, with the only goal to create great things. Other than that, they can be very fun too, because each person has such an interesting and different past. Really good answers can be given when asking about the creative process, especially if there are multiple crafts in the mix.

Overall, when we work together, we can all feed off of each other, if you are having an on-day while I am having an off-day, then your enthusiasm can bring me right back up! When big things get accomplished, it will be way better to share the success with other people, rather than be lonely. So keep up the good work, team.