Reeeport: StocktonCon 2014

First of all, StocktonCon was loads of fun I'm really glad that I went. If you have never attended such an event, I suggest that you do explore these pop-culture connections because there are many new things to see and experience. For me, while it is really fun to hang out with other creators, people who just like to view art always have such interesting words and unexpected observations.


On Friday, I went to the Stockton Arena to check out the venue, which is really big and looks even bigger when it's empty! The whole event was getting set-up, but I don't want to give away others' secrets, so only mine:

I showed up early on Saturday and the line was partly wrapped around the building, people wearing costumes and some brought their family, so there was a well-rounded crowd.

At once, everyone tumbled into the building and the excitement climaxed and would not stop until Sunday afternoon.

Saturday is the day that most of my prints got picked up, maybe because everyone blew their spending cash on the first day, haha. I do have 7 prints left at 10" x 15", if you want to get one for yourself, just send me an e-mail, and I will make it happen:


One of my artist friends came to attend, from the San Diego area, and due to some lodging mix-ups, he ended up in the presidential suite! So during the day we conned hard, and then afterwards, we chilled hard. 

 You have to bring Super Smash, to every show.

You have to bring Super Smash, to every show.


Two of my favorite encounters:

1. I talked to an old man who has been attending events like this one for the last couple of decades. At some point, he got to listen to George Lucas introduce the fourth episode of Star Wars, since he told it in detail, it was quite historically memorable. Due to the lack of tall actors, having the story travel to the land where Chewbacca came from could not take place in Episode IV!

2. My other favorite was a mother and her young son, who happened to be showing interest in art also. Talking to him about what he likes to draw brought up vivid flashbacks of when I was a boy, and I was looking up to really cool artists, wondering how am I going to get to the point where I can challenge them. It's crazy because I'm only 23 and one of the shorter circles of life is already being revealed to me.


Cool people I met:

 Shiny heads, Yamcha, Bulma, and Chef.

Shiny heads, Yamcha, Bulma, and Chef.


Overall, this was a great event and there is going to be countless more in the future. Since this was my first show I did a lot of heavy observing, and I already know how the Artists' Alley can be made better, and that is now in the plan! I look forward to seeing you next time.


After everyone was done and gone. Out the back door, and back to reality..