Every person of fine health has a chance to live a dream life. Fortunate talent and whereabouts are not the deciding factors, they just make it a little easier. It is the honest work that moves you from the crowd to the stage, and it is the work that is the most difficult.

Just get to the level that you want, and wait for everyone else to realize it, which will take time, but you can use that period to just get more thorough. There is not going to be alternating turns of who gets what, you just have to grab it, whenever you are ready. Stay focused, stay honest, and stay hungry! Feed the fire by your own means, maybe it is looking at other people's work who do the same thing as you, watching Superbowls, pretending that you are already hot shit, throwing competitive jabs at rivals, or standing in the midst of the Hall of Fame, these are the reasons I do it, and as I will continue to, but I would love to inspire as many people as I can, on the way.

Still In Line Waiting For My Name to Get Called

Get into your trance, create the best thing that you can, and let it shine. If you are in the dark and find a candle to light, don't cover it, let it make the world brighter.