StocktonCon 2015 WrapUp

First of all, thank you to EVERY single person who came out, that is what makes these events so fantastic, and which bums me out a bit when they come to their conclusion. Anyway, both days were great, I got to meet some interesting new people, and hangout with ongoing friends =). Let's keep it up!

Here is the Stockton Arena, the day before.

I got my stuff set-up and am in the process of getting into my trance.

First couple of visitors, killing it in costume:

Giving some death to Death the Kid:

I didn't know who this guy was, I just thought there was a pimp knocking about:

The place was wild, but in the corners of the show there were some cool panels/talks going on. =)

I was accompanied by Sean Miller, a very skilled comic artist.

There were so many people in costume!

A green ranger stopping by:

I met a really shy, and nice Yunas:

A good-looking Mikasa snapping a salute:


Tsunade-Sama is much smaller than I thought she would be O_O

'Ol Reno snuck up, but didn't cause too much trouble:

Aang & Momo, with a really well-done costume:

This chick just looked really cool:

Some crazy wrestlers:

These guys were killing it too, really good at taking photos:

The good friend Sumer, from back in the high school days!

These two ladies, Lisa and Kayelynn, were really doing their thing!

It was a such a good time and if you were not there, you were missing out! Again, thank you to all the enthusiastic people who make StocktonCon what it is now, I look forward to rocking out with you in all the future shows, as well!