The Artist that Concocted the Perfect Recipe

visual design credit to The Current prod. team

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All people have the potential to do grand things. We just have to figure out what we want to do, and perhaps the most important step is to actually do it. And do it in a very kick-ass way. Marvelous things will happen. Now, we are all born into our own unique set of circumstances and this is important to keep in mind. Some people are born into a place that doesn't inspire or push them to build and be creative. Perhaps they are surrounded by humdrums, don't have money, or whatever type of other ailment. But don't let that get you too down. On the other hand, some people are lucky enough to be born into an environment ripe with opportunity, whether that be in finances, wonderful mentors, or whatever else you imagine would really help someone blossom. But don't let that get you too up, because we all still have to figure out how to navigate. We aren't born with all the knowledge needed to excel.

Take a step back with me and notice something, see what those two circumstances had in common? Both have their own situation that needs to be figured out. Every single person has to discover how to become a better version of themself, so don't think that you are the only one out in the cold. Everyone of us has to scrape our knees while learning to run, and that's part of what makes our journeys so painfully wonderful, the ups and downs. Imagine if that youthful energy were paired with a vision, and that is something that can be described as a superpower. Envision this recipe: a young attitude + burning interests + time to explore. Mix those things together and it is highly likely that something stunning will occur.

Proof of this is in the Stock Market, which is a monthly event that takes place in Stockton, CA. Under the shade of a friendly environment, it brings together a mass of creative energy, and provides a temporary platform for artists and businesses to reach new audiences. Check them out @ for info and see for yourself. I've attended multiple times and think you should experience it for yourself. Nextly, what may be one of my favorite events in this area is called StocktonCon, which takes place every August. This is a very big pop-culture event, which brings in 25,000+ people, and has so much to see for all ages. As a visual artist, I have been exhibiting in this show since 2013, and recommend you all check it out. To come say hello to me, of course ;). These two events didn't simply fall from the painted clouds, it took loads of effort and many people working together towards an idea they believed in, and it turned out very well. Marvelous things will happen.

I remember being a teenager and thinking that if I worked really hard on the comic I believed in, and focus on it day 'n' night for weeks, I'd be on par with Stan Lee in only a year or so. I know, it sounds ridiculous and funny, but oh well. As comical as that idea sounds, it lit a raging fire under my ass and I created some of my best stuff. I matured from that experience and grew immensely as a creative person. I was young and naive. I write stuff like this because it inspires me and I believe that this inspires others, as well. I still am young and naive.