A Letter

Hello everyone, I hope everything is going well for you guys. I have been wanting to write this letter for a couple weeks now, but had to keep thinking on it to make sure I didn't by pass words I wanted to say. I'm sitting inside of a turbulenced plane right now, traveling from California to Florida to attend a special friend's wedding and it is really interesting to look through the window and see the US from up here, there is so much empty land, sometimes it feels like I am looking down towards an uncivilized planet. Anyway, I want to tell you guys a bit more about my recent focuses. I have been challenging myself. Right now, I feel like I am the best creative person I have ever been, I'm so inspired. 
I have been exploring new art forms and it has been reinforcing my idea of there being a universal language to all creativity. Visual art is my creative birthplace and that is the language I am fluent in, I am now taking that understanding and applying it to art forms that are new to me. I find that all it takes is a decisive nature and a willingness to find out how my understandings can go through a sort of filter and be applied to whatever new realm I am getting into. I will never be done with visual art, but I remind myself that life is not infinite and there are so many things that we can do. For myself it would not be fun or healthy for me to stay in one lane forever. No way, I am going to keep evolving and living the worth of two people if I can manage it. 
I am currently creating a story an have already been working on it for a little over a year. This will come out as a book, somewhere between a novel and a graphic novel. It is not a comic book or a straight novel, imagine a large amount of short chapters with a piece of art for each one. This is the biggest thing I have worked on and it is definitely testing me. I have learned via headaches and triumphs that I am happiest when I use the time necessary to create something I truly believe in, so while I push myself to work at high-speed, I don't rush and cut corners. That would be wasting my time and yours ;) 
Don't think that me appearing silent means I am not having something in the works. I am more inspired now than I have ever been, I work on this everyday and I believe in it. I hope every single one of you are doing what you love, or making moves to get to a place that you can. A world filled with fulfilled people is a world fulfilled. 
I have spent many years with the prime goal of refining my skills and trying to be the best that I could be. While that is good and a very necessary step, I kept running into the question asking what I was going to do with these crafts I have been sharpening. I came to the conclusion that I needed to do actual projects, instead of doing countless pictures that are not directly connected. In learning about the artists that I really look up to, they have made grand contributions to art by putting together complete projects and I think that is so cool. 
The lady sitting in front of me is talking so damn loud, and even when the pilot is making an announcement she just talks louder and louder, nearly screaming her conversation to the poor old man sitting one foot away from her. 
- denz