More Than You Think


We all have big ideas in our heads, floods of them, and we want to bring them into reality. But there always seems to be something in the way. That's life. Once you find the time, or make it(you should make time), to get to work on those ideas, what will be your starting point? It may seem like an impossible task to build those big dreams and make them into something real if you happen to live in a small place. Imagine a person who is desperately trying to reach millions of people, but the environment that they live in is a mere fraction of that. That exact same situation has been overcame countless times. How can that be done? It's all about perception.

Sometimes I find myself thinking that Stockton is a small city and that there just isn't that much to do, especially considering that we live in a world full of massive metropolises. But when I step back, check numbers, and consider sites, I don't feel that way for long. This population is 300,000. We know how far 300 can go, now multiply that a thousand times and imagine what can be done! Let's keep looking closer. Within this community, there is a centrally-located community college with courses that range across a multitude of interests and areas of study. To mention, it has a very social campus where you can build solid friendships and productive connections. Next, walk around the red bricks of the private university that dates back to the mid-19th century, and while there, think about all the learning and self-exploration that occurred in that same place, before any of us were drawing breath. After that, look at Stockton's inland waterport that has the capability of housing over 1 billion dollars worth of cargo. The San Joaquin River it comes from traces all the way to the Pacific Ocean, which connects us to the rest of the world. Lastly, one of my favorite qualities of this city is that there are numerous venues for all kinds of performances and all types of creative activity you can imagine. All this is within driving distance of other major cities, so don't play a joke and pretend that your big ideas can't bloom from within all of this. You can make it.

Now that you have been reminded of all these avenues and routes that can be utilized and built upon, remember all those ideas that we talked about earlier? Don't let them go to waste. Get on it, at once! And if you are already on top of your's, thank you, keep it up, and stay up. Are you going to take advantage of what is there for you, or let others do all the growing?